Summer Riding Gloves Buyer's Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Summer Riding Gloves

Looking for the right horse riding gloves to keep you safe and comfortable while performing at your best this summer? Not sure which are the right type of gloves for you? 

Whether you are just learning to ride, participating in horse shows or pony club events, knowing which style, brand and quality of glove you need can be confusing. With the assortment of summer riding gloves available on the equestrian market for, there is something for horse riders of all ages, genders, riding levels and budgets. 

This guide covers the benefits of wearing summer weight riding gloves, and explains the types of activities each option is best suited to.  

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There is also some practical advice on how to look after your horse riding gloves to make sure they look and perform at their best.  

Do You Need Summer Horse Riding Gloves?

Whether riding for pleasure or competition or handling your horse on the ground, a good quality, well fitting pair of riding gloves are essential for your safety and comfort.  

The right pair of riding gloves can not only help to boost your performance by giving you effective grip and control, but also improving the connection with your horse that you need to achieve the perfect riding partnership.  

Fitting like a second skin, they protect your hands from friction that can cause uncomfortable and rubs, blisters and calluses while still providing sensitive contact through the reins. 

Designed specifically for horse riders and summer weather conditions, summer riding gloves allow your hands to breathe and wick away moisture. These features give better grip on the reins than bare hands or regular gloves. And, that prevents them from slipping through your fingers - even when rain or perspiration make your reins slippery.  

Features vary between brands and styles, but may include: 

  • added grip 
  • reinforced areas where the reins come into contact with the gloves 
  • ventilation panels 
  • flexible, stretchy fabrics 
  • wind and water resistance 
  • touch screen compatible 

Which Gloves Do You Need?


For schooling, hacking out and doing ground work with your horse, a pair of gloves that have minimal bulk in the palm when closed and are touchscreen friendly are a good choice.  

Usually economically priced, these types of gloves are: 

  • constructed for everyday use 
  • often machine washable 
  • fabricated from materials like nylon or faux suede or leather. 

While practical to wear around the yard, these casual gloves may not be suitable to be worn in high level competition. However, they may be acceptable for low level competitions, but choose conservative black or brown colours.  

The Ariat Air Grip gloves are incredibly cool and comfortable, have great flexibility and fit, and exceptional sensitivity and grip making them a fantastic choice for everyday wear.  


When it comes to riding at horse shows, horse riders demand excellence from all their equipment. And riding gloves for competition are not different.  

Functionality and design are of the utmost importance. For competition, gloves need to be extremely comfortable and durable, have excellent grip, and also be smart enough to give you a polished look. 

The Sealskinz Dragon Eye glove is a low profile, close fitting, hard wearing glove that offers excellent dexterity and tactility for a wide range of equestrian sports. 

Equestrian sport gloves suitable for competitive wear allow your hands to move freely and comfortably without interfering with the ability to feel your reins. These qualities are of the utmost importance to your performance and connection with your horse no matter what the weather. 

Features like articulated fingers allow you to maintain precise and responsive contact with your horse through the reins. 

The Woof Ware Event glove is a lightweight, breathable technical glove that provides optimum feel, dexterity and grip in all weather conditions.  

Black gloves are acceptable in most equestrian sports. Cross country competitors can wear coloured gloves to match their other competition gear. White gloves are generally only worn for dressage 

As with all competition wear, it is best to check with the governing body or show organiser for acceptable styles and colours of gloves. 

How To Size Riding Gloves 

Riding gloves should fit snugly – like a second skin - without feeling tight or binding that would inhibit your dexterity.  

Glove manufacturers offer sizing in either half inch increments or in universal sizing from extra small to extra large.  

Follow these steps to determine the perfect glove size: 

  1. Use a fabric tape measure or piece of string to measure against a ruler. 
  2. If you are right handed, take measurements from your right hand. If you are left handed, take measurements from your left hand. 
  3. Measure around the fullest part of the hand (excluding the thumb). The tape measure or string should be snug and straight, but not tight. 
  4. The number of inches around the hand equals the glove size. If the measurement is between the round number and the half inch, go up a size. (eg. Measurement is 6.25” size needed is 6.5”; measurement is 6.75” size needed is 7”) 

If the gloves are measured in universal sizes (eg. XS, S, M, L, XL) then refer to the manufacturer’s sizing guide to determine your size. 

Caring For Summer Riding Gloves

Whichever equestrian riding gloves you choose, cleaning them regularly and thoroughly will expand their life. Dirt and oils quickly build up causing leather to crack and synthetic materials to become slippery and start to smell. 

Leather gloves can be cared for in a similar way as leather riding tack. If they get wet, dry them at room temperature and away from artificial sources of heat.  

Lightly condition them with specialized leather conditioner will prevent them from cracking. But be careful not to apply too much or the leather will lose its grip. 

Synthetic riding gloves may either be machine washable or require washing by hand with a mild soap. In either case, allow the gloves to air dry.  

Always check the manufacturer’s care label for specific care instructions.  



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